domingo, 23 de novembro de 2014

Imagination as Enemy

My worst enemy is my imagination.
It tooks me away from what is "right" and what is real all the time. It makes me feel comfortable for a very significant time and then it releases me to nothing but the terrible shock of reality.

Sometimes I just want to fade away from everything. Like breath on the mirror. Like air. Instead of having the shock of reality, I really want to live in my own imagination forever after. As living in another Universe where all things I want to happen could happen indeed, and all beings I want to be could be indeed.

I wanted to feel free like the impression we have when we see the majestic flight of the birds. I wanted to go to somewhere where I could feel at home, at least. It might not be easy, indeed, but it also might not be so hard that, according to human's modern concept, it could be impossible.

Living a life like this, my friends, are not simple.

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