segunda-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2016

The Tales of the Bears - part III: Dirty dirty pain again!

Dirty, dirty pain, here you come again!
The one that pictures my own face at a long horizon of sorrow. The one that makes my nights loose its ending, yet in a horrible way it could ever end. The one that craves his bearish claws under my skin to my bones, into my single heart beating alone in all this darkness.

Here you come again to make me feel terribly sorry for losing my time in my thoughts and in my prayers, even though this atheist self of mine has chosen this path to follow, once, so long ago. All of the stories shared were closed by that gigantic lack of words and sounds. 

You came to destroy me! To betray me! To slay me! How could you ask me without words to be you friend after all those pictures I have made for us? How could you still sit there, in perpetual silence, like nothing between us were happening at all. What about us? What about our paradise? What is heaven compared to all that beauty we have seen lying on the horizon?

On our horizon?

Or was it just me who saw all of it? Was I imagining? Wasn't the whole scenario of our love just real? Was I crazy?

...Am I crazy?

Why didn't you tell me?

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