sábado, 10 de setembro de 2016

Herman Hesse I

You may not believe in this story, gentlemen, but he finally admitted I have mental problems.
The issue of his statement is that he said he had no patience.

And now I wonder, why he came back? Why he reached out to me? Why he jus-
Oh wait! I can't wonder any longer.

It's completely unreasonable to lose my time wonder why he does what he does and thinking about him all the time.

The choice was made. I have only 28 years or less before cancer strikes me out, so I can lose my time with someone who has no patience to me.

What I need right now is a comfortable bed, countless hours to sleep, a one-way pass to the North and a chocolate milk shake. Companions are a plus, but I'm fighting to make them not so necessary as they seemed.

Also, I need my castle to emphatise my kingdom.

I am the King!

And always will be.

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