terça-feira, 2 de maio de 2017

A song of insomnia

There you all are
Sleeping inside your heads
Dreaming as it can be
Resting for another morning day

Here I am as down as I can
Thinking about him
The unforgettable dream
The one who breaks insomnia

Are there two of them?
There of them?
Seven billion of them?
Or none of them?

Save me from this prison
That I am trapped beneath the walls
Of damnnation for eternity
And shuffling

I am an owl
A very silent owl
Who needs to hunt when the dark comes
And goes to rest when the dark goes

Am I sleeping?
Am I trapped?
Am I singing another song of damnnation
Or insomnia?

But there you all are
And here I just am
Like opposite terms of infinity
Waiting for a moment
In time